Medical Spanish: Healthcare Phrasebook with Audio Video Yorumları & ipuçları ve bilmeniz gereken püf noktaları

Medical Spanish App by Mavro Inc. - Commercial

Say you are a healthcare provider and you need to communicate with your Spanish speaking patient, well, there is an App for that. The Emergency Medical ...

iPhone apps - Medical Spanish (with audio)

Medical Spanish 1.MOV

This is an introduction to medical Spanish vocabulary. This video, presented by Doctora Azulita, describes how to say the word "rash" in Spanish. It is part of an ...

UniversalDoctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audio

UniversalDoctor endeavours to ease communication between patients and health professionals, no matter what language they speak.

Continuation - Beginners Medical Spanish Video Cast

Sample Beginners - Medical Spanish courses offered in our regional location (Los Angeles)

Medical Spanish 7.MOV

Medical Spanish 3.MOV

This medical Spanish video discusses how to ask about the timing of symptoms. It is part of an ongoing effort at to provide a free medical ...

Yes/No Medical Spanish

This handy clinical resource takes a yes-no approach to communicating with Spanish-speaking patients. Nearly all questions require just a yes or a no. And the ...

Language Tailor Medical Spanish 1.1B part 2

This Medical Spanish video 1.1 covers the following: - Introductions, greetings and farewells. Biographical information, numbers, time, dates. - Subject pronouns ...

Medical Spanish - Episode 1 Pilot: Greetings Medical Spanish created under a creative commons license.

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