Medical Spanish: Healthcare Phrasebook with Audio App Reviews

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Best thing I bought in the apple store, after ultimate guitar lol

I am so happy with this. I was about to buy a book or a cd on Amazon, but this will come in handy. It has all the basics that I need. And even has a conjugation part :) its cheap and worth it!!!!

Ned Spanish

The phrases wont play out of my iPhone speaker


Good for detal offices too!


Dont know if its just mine, but the glossary is messed up. Its alphabetically incorrect. Other than that it looks awsome, Im training to be an interpreter and this will be a huge help.

Very useful,

This app is the cats a*s! Despite my very basic Spanish, Ive rescued my attendings nearly daily when we needed to ask important questions on rounds in the hospital, saving our interpreters and patients a lot of time. audio is articulate and clear, making this app the best 7 bucks Ive spent. as far as improvements, although theres a great list of verbs, I would like to see a section on conjugation. otherwise, its thorough for any healthcare provider.

Rn in an ER setting

I have used this app so many times and everytime it works awesome!!! I have utilized it with multiple doctors to assist with their assessments n h&ps n i think I have help sell about 15 installs of this app! We all seem to love it!!! Extremely helpful n triage and basic physical assessment of the acutely Ill patient!!! Love the ability to bookmark the phrases I use most!

Its alright

If you are looking to get a good rudimentary grasp of Spanish medical terminology, then this will suffice. Cant really say that it offers more than that. Wish I hadnt spent the full 6.99 for it, though.


This application is very easy to use, and informative. Amazing!

Este app es muy Caliente!

I dont speak Spanish, so as a medical resident, this app has been indispensable for rounding. Using it on a daily basis, I can get the meat and potatoes from my patients in the clinic, the ER, and the wards. The app does have a gazillion things or phrases one would need, and theyre all organized nicely. Overall excellent, very user friendly, w/ sweet audio for correct pronunciation (which helps people like me) - even my attendings were impressed. Muchas gracias for making my life easy, and my hospitals interpreters lives easy tambien


Great app, very helpful and simple to use! Keep up the good work!

Great program

This is a very nice program for anyone needing to brush up on their medical Spanish. Audio pronounciations are helpful. High yield, neatly organized by organ systems. Would recommend highly.

Extremely easy to use!

This app is extremely convenient and easy to use. The organization of everything works perfectly, letting me carry out an entire patient exam without being distracting. I found myself using this app everyday, especially to quickly look up a word or command that I just cant remember. I would highly recommend this to anyone who interacts with Spanish speaking patients, it has all the medical terminology I need. Great job!

A great product gets better, thank you!

I am a Hospitalist in a community that has a large Spanish speaking population. Of the iPhone Medical Spanish Apps this is my favorite. The organization is very good. It has a very large number of phrases with both written and spoken (audio) translations.


This app is absolutely amazing. I work at a hospital with a lot of Hispanics and this app helps out a lot. It is one of the most comprehensive apps Ive seen. Youll be amazed by how much vocabulary is here. Lastly, thank you so much for making it available on iPad!!


As someone very familiar with Spanish, but very rusty, this app will be indispensable. Even includes medical exams and the phrases we need to use during them. I will be doing some rotations along the border this summer and this app will ensures that I will be keeping my iPad by my side constantly. Great app!

Very high quality app

After evaluating all my choices for an app to help me speak to my Spanish speaking patients I found this one to easily be the best. I am extremely satisfied with this app and can tell you it is definitely worth the money! Plus it works perfectly on my iPad!


I am a fluent in Spanish and currenty taking my certification to become a certified interpreter. I got to say this app is the BEST I seen. The books I spent $70 dollars on dont even compare to this. I love the search tool bcz it matches to words spelled close to what you wrote. I love it!!! And the other great feature is that no wi-fi is required.....I would suggest to add more technical terminalogy like diseases.


Easy to use and really helpful on the floors. Thanks for a great app.


Very good tool for Spanish learning..

Fabulous app!

I work in a clinic thats 90% Hispanic - and this has been really helpful in obtaining both the history and physical. My classmates and Ive been looking forever for something like this. Worth every penny of it!

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